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STAR Fellows and Interns contribute their specialized skills to their host organizations, building capacity while improving their own effectiveness as global health leaders. Through fellowship and internship placements, professionals will:

  • Gain hands-on experience in global health
  • Enhance knowledge and skill through individualized learning
  • Build a powerful global network

Featured Participant

Tomas Doce

Senior TB Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor


Technical Expertise: Communications,Health Management Information Systems,HIV/AIDS,TB,Data analysis and Visualization,Monitoring and Evaluation,Supply Chain Management,Social and Behavior Change,Behavior Change,Program Management,Policy and Governance,Family Planning and Reproductive Health,Chronic Diseases,Malaria

Tomas Doce is a results-driven professional with more than 10 years of comprehensive experience developing exceptional and robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. Tomas is oriented in research and programming activities; development of M&E plans; result frameworks; performance frameworks; indicator reference sheets; performance monitoring plans; terms of reference for various studies; study protocol; detailed implementation plans; web-based and Excel databases; data collection instruments; standard operation procedures for programs and studies; and capacity building for more than 1,000 staff around Southern Africa Region. Tomas has managed teams from two to nearly 200 field staff, managed grants with United States funding, and projects that spanned five years. Tomas has experience in consultancy, conducting evaluation, strategic review and baseline for international development programs (traditional/policy reform), as well as in drafting, reviewing, and writing study, baseline, evaluation, midline, and endline evaluation reports. He has a degree in information technology and will be completing his Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation this year.

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