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Name: Hasan Rahman

Position Title: Data Analyst Intern

Location: United States

Technical Expertise: Supply Chain Management,Data analysis and Visualization

Scope of Work

Hasan Rahman is the Data Analyst Intern. He works in USAID's Global Health Bureau (GH), in the Supply Chain for Health Division (SCH) of the Office of HIV/AIDS (OHA).


Hasan Rahman is a master’s student specializing in data analytics and information technology (IT) management, which he plans on completing in 2021. He has a bachelor’s degree in management from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. His work experience as an IT consultant and as a management intern have given him the opportunity and valuable exposure to work in partnership with internal and external clients, troubleshooting their problems, and advising them on how to use IT to meet their business objectives. His coursework has taught him tools and methods for data analysis in support of business decision making, the importance of data quality, data visualization, and extraction of data using Structured Query Language.