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Global Health Competencies

STAR has developed a Global Health Competency and Milestone framework to support and monitor participant learning activities. Participants who successfully complete a STAR Fellowship/Internship will improve their competency acrosseight coreglobal health domains:

  • Developmentpractice
  • Cross-cultural competency
  • Communication and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Capacitystrengthening
  • Ethics of public health
  • Healthequity
  • Gender equity
  • Global burden of disease

In addition to the eight core domains, participants will select a subset of one to two specific technical competencies (e.g. epidemiology or health policy) and one to two content knowledge competencies (e.g. maternal health, HIV/AIDS, or chronic diseases), completing focused learning activities to grow their knowledge in these areas. The STAR Global Health Competency Framework is defined by five levels of knowledge acquisition and practice: inquiring, understanding, practicing, leading, and advancing.Within the core and selected technical and content competency domains, STAR participants will complete learning activities, with the goal of increasing their competency level. STAR has defined specific milestones for each level that serve as the basis for assessing participant’s progress and achievements.


Sustaining Technical and Analytic Resources (STAR) is a project of the Public Health Institute Implemented in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and University of California, San Francisco.

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